Sell your property successfully

The decision to sell a property is a mutually trusting matter. It is therefore important to take such a decision into the hands of an experienced estate agent, who can give you the best guidance and who can achieve the best possible result for you. Our discretion and expertise are prerequisites for this demanding task to be fulfilled to perfection.

Every property is in itself, a work of art, and as such demands our utmost respect. We will use special discretion to find the perfect purchaser for your property. Exceptional real estate is becoming more interesting, in these times of increasing globalization, to consumers outside the local markets.

Don’t compromise when selling your property

bulk&partner is renowned for luxury, quality, style and class in the light of an outstanding price-performance ratio and uses the most modern and targeted marketing campaigns.

Our service includes:

  • Examination of all documents and Building History.
  • Creating a Value Analysis.
  • Creation of advertising texts, photos, property brochures/leaflets and plans.
  • Multimedia and group target marketing.
  • Our marketing team fixes a strategy for how your object can become aimed and successfully promoted and will coordinate all steps required for it with you.
  • Presentation of property to our client database.
  • Secret Sale: No external publication. We present your property only to selected clients and interested parties.
  • Appointment coordination with prospective purchasers.
  • Implementation of all visits with customer protection confirmation.
  • Management of all sales negotiations.
  • Credit check of prospective purchasers.
  • Coordination of the administrative steps necessary for the sale.
  • Support from our in-house legal and tax department.

Don’t leave anything to chance when selling your home. Call in an expert instead

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